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How to Cleanse?

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In order to prepare your body to be flooded with detoxifying nutrients, enzymes, and minerals, we recommend that you shift your diet a few days before the juice cleanse begins. It is best to eliminate the following three days prior to your cleanse:

Caffeine | Alcohol | Nicotine | Refined sugar | Animal products | Wheat

If you can spend these few days eating raw foods, broths, sea vegetables, juices and smoothies, and drinking lots of water it will lead to a more comfortable and graceful cleanse.

Within the first 24-36 hours of abstaining from solid foods, the body enters a state of detoxification. Energy that was used for digestion is now redirected to cleansing. The juices act as cleansing agents, their enzymes dissolving the toxins being released.

After several days of fasting, the walls of the colon release a build up of plaque, allowing the body to maximize absorption of nutrition and ending autointoxication through the intestines. At this stage, you may also experience a release of stored emotions and memories, and a heightened sense of clarity.

Once these toxins begin to leave the body we feel euphoric energy, increased mental capacity, and release of negative emotion. Steeped in high vibrational juices and foods, we literally begin to vibrate on new levels and tune into more subtle planes of consciousness. Here are some tips to make your cleansing journey more enjoyable:

Drink all your juice. We strongly urge you to drink all of your juices everyday, either in a constant drip or by setting an alarm to have a juice at least every two hours.

Drink lots of water and herbal tea. Continue to drink water or any herbal teas you may desire.
Rest. Give yourself the time and space to rest as some major cleaning and healing takes place below the surface. Listen to yourself. If you feel a bit run down, make sure to take it easy

Release those toxins. Our favorite easy ways to aid your body in releasing toxins include:

  • Sweating: This could mean strolling, stretching, your regular exercise routine, or far infrared sauna. Be sure not to let that toxic sweat sit on your skin—rinse off, or you will reabsorb unwanted toxins.
  • Skin brushing
  • Tongue scraping
  • Oil pulling
  • Colon hydrotherapy: Colonic hydrotherapy is an effective, fast way to release a lot of toxins. Colonics are very effective in helping with any flu like symptoms, headaches, light-headedness or moodiness that may arise while detoxing.
  • Taking an evening bath with magnesium salts
  • Deep breathing

Once you get through those first big detox days and your system is drenched with live nutrients, you will experience a sharp clarity, a grounded calm, a sense of weightlessness, and a natural energy from within. Sleep will come easily and be deep, rising will feel effortless, and the days in between will flow. You will be charged on revived excitement and stamina. Your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your body’s weight will balance, and you will be buzzing with health.

Coming off of a cleanse properly is a critical part of the process. For the first day post-cleanse, it’s best to add just soups and smoothies. In the following few days, come down from the cleanse the same way you prepared for it, eating cleanly and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, refined sugar, animal products, and wheat.