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Basic Q&A

Questions & Answers about Juice Cleanse

Q: How do I get protein on a cleanse?
A: The body responds vibrantly to plant proteins that are available in abundance in fruits and vegetables—especially greens. You’ll be flooding your body with these nutrients all day long.

Q: Can I work out and cleanse?
A: Exercise is absolutely good while cleansing. During a cleanse, your body is very busy on a cellular level. See how your energy levels are on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis. On some days, you may want to respect the internal work being done by resting, and on others you may feel surges of energy that you need to express.

Q: Can I cleanse while pregnant?
A: No. When you are pregnant, you do not want to be triggering your system to release toxins into your bloodstream. However, you can drink juice all day long while pregnant along with eating other healthy raw fats and foods.

Q: Can I go to work and cleanse?
A: Yes. Our juice programs provide enough calories on a daily basis to keep your brain, organs, and metabolism functioning. You may experience higher energy and brainpower while cleansing, which would be great for work, and you may have moments of experiencing crankiness, which may require a walk around the block.