Fresh, Organic, Cold Pressed Detox Juices

Fresh, Organic, Cold Pressed Detox Juices

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Fresh, Organic, Cold Pressed Detox Juices

At Juice Queen, we believe that health and well-being should be within everyone’s reach. Best Bangkok organic cold-pressed juice shop, Juice Queen, provides certified organic cold-pressed juices, nuts milks, juice cleanses programs and super foods shots. Our recipes are formulated by a certified nutritionist and made with the best juicer available in order to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients and living enzymes. We strive to make our cold-pressed juices as affordable and accessible to everyone!

100% pulp-free cold-pressed juices are the fastest and easiest way to get nutrients into your body without having to digest. We use nearly 1 kg of organic vegetables and fruits for a bottle of 420 ml juice! Choose from over 10 delicious flavors of our green juices and 4 nut milks. Healthy never tastes better!

Juice Cleanse is a true holiday for your body. It gives your digestive system a rest while allowing the organs to release its toxin substances. From beginner to advanced level, Juice Queen offers a variety of juice cleanse packages according to your needs. Order now with a complimentary delivery service in Bangkok and Koh Samui!

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